Syndrone Avatar Item Sketches

I really want to work my way up the line to becoming an actual artist for Syndrone Online.

In order to meed this goal, I’ve been doing some general item sketches to try and get a feel from what people on there like. So far, I’ve heard a lot of praise for the animal (especially the “abnormal animal”) based items. :)

What are you favorite designs?

Syndrone Commission Art

I made these two lovely images for a client on Syndrone. I worked hard on them both and, finally, I got these!

I did traditional ink, digital color using photoshop. I hope you all like them!

I had so much fun making these! I think I’m finally starting to improve!

Syndrone Cell Shade Commissions

Syndrone Chibi Commissions

Bacterial Enemies!

Hey everyone!

Just a common update here for all my followers. I had gotten very ill on Christmas Day and have been out of commission since then. I will be back online in a coupe days once I’m sure I can keep my fever down and my appetite up again. I’m already starting to feel much better though, so my goal is to be back on Tuesday-Thursday depending.

BTW, anyone else having a B-Day tomorrow?

Here’s just a few new pictures to say “Merry (late) Christmas”!

Hunter loves the out doors. I doubt he’s ever seen a lavender tree before though!

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This is the most amazing cute OMG terrific thing EVER! I have to see this.
I’m so psyched for this film!!!

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Logo and Mascot Designs

I’m working on a series of concepts for my personal touches. (Logo, Mascot, Ect.)

I want to get them digitally inked and colored after I clean them up.

The little dragon-esk demon is of simple design but can be used in a multitude of way and is ‘unique’ enough to be familiar and personally identifiable I think.

What do you all think about them?